Yukon Charlie's Ambassadors

Welcome to Yukon Charlie’s, where adventure and outdoor enthusiasts come together to embrace the wild beauty of the great outdoors. As an ambassador, you’ll have the unique opportunity to represent a brand dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor gear. From our snowshoes to sleds, we focus on creating innovative consumer goods for the experienced mountain snowshoer to the summer sun trail hiker. Join our community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploring the great outdoors and inspire others to discover the wonders of nature. We value your commitment to adventure and look forward to collaborating with you on exciting journeys that showcase the spirit of Yukon Charlie’s. Embrace the call of the wild and become a vital part of our team, where every step you take leads to unforgettable experiences.

Ambassador Perks

We want to ensure you are able to get to know and enjoy Yukon Charlie’s line of products, and be able to share your experiences! As a Yukon Charlie’s Ambassador, you will receive a personal discount code, brand gear and merchandise, and product package to choose your gear for the new season! You will also receive behind-the-scenes access to everything Yukon Charlie’s and will be the first to know about new releases and promotions.

How it Works

Join the team! Once you fil out the forms with your personal info, an application will be submitted to join the Yukon Charlie’s Ambassador Program. There is no charge to join the program. You will receive an email from alrbrandambssadors@gmail.com regarding your application status.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Amanda Tingstad



Tucson, AZ

Caroline Menendez



Denver, CO

Coben Hoch



Payette, ID

Coley Nelson



Columbus, ND

Jamie Pare


Pollock Pines, CA

Josiah Reyes


Spanaway, WA

Karen Ung


Calgary, AB Canada

Katie Jane Purdy


Lakewood, CO

Kristen Kupperman


Anchorage, AK

Megan Mullin


Shell Beach, CA

Megan Posein


Jasper, AB Canada

Mike Hallee


Waterville, ME