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You’ve had a fantastic day of exploration and just finished a delicious meal. The sky twinkles with diamond stars. The air pulses with the steady rhythm of chirping crickets. Golden flames leap from the campfire, mesmerizing your group. What a perfect ambiance for spinning some tales! As the grand finale to your day, here’s a repertoire of captivating campfire stories for kids and adults.

Cute Campfire Stories

Determined Caller

Vera was home alone one day when her telephone rang. The man on the line had a deep, breathy voice. “I’m the viper climbing your steps, and I’m on the first landing,” he stated.

The call made her uneasy. However, living in a 15th-floor apartment, she figured the man wasn’t a threat if taking the stairs.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang again. “I’m the viper, and I’m on the 10th floor.” Still, Vera didn’t take the caller seriously. Surely his lungs would give out soon.

Five minutes later, the man called yet again. “I’m the viper, just outside your door.” Now, Vera began trembling with fear. On the verge of calling the police, her daughter suddenly opened the door from outside the apartment.

There stood a man in white coveralls, holding a bucket of cleaning equipment. Smiling broadly, he said, “I’m the viper, here to vash your vindows.”

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Campfire Stories for Kids

Beware the Bear

There once was a bear named Teddy who was quite full of himself, stuffed with pride. By virtue of his enormous strength and size, he believed he was superior to all creatures.

One day, in search of food, Teddy was lifting logs as though they were light as feathers. Impressed with his power, he said aloud, “There’s nothing I can’t do.” From behind Teddy, he heard someone ask, “Are you sure?”

Startled, Teddy looked around for the source of the voice. Peering at him was a chipmunk.

“Who are you to question me, you pipsqueak?” Teddy bellowed. “Watch this!” Teddy proved his muscle by tossing a log with a flick of his gigantic paw.

“See how easily I vaulted that heavy wood? I’m the most powerful of animals. All creatures flee from my presence,” Teddy declared.

“Well, if you’re all-powerful, can you keep the sun from rising?” Chip challenged.

Teddy became pensive. “Hmm. I’ve never thought about that,” he mused. Then, his dark eyes lit up with excitement. “I bet I could!” he exclaimed.

“Are you certain?” Chip countered.

“Absolutely!” Teddy insisted. “Tomorrow morning, the sun won’t climb the sky. You wait and see!” he pledged.

After Mr. Sun had gone to bed, Teddy sat facing east, watching for the first rays of daylight. Chip curled up in his tree hole to sleep, thinking how foolish Teddy was.

Sweet birdsong announced Mr. Sun’s rising. The eastern sky began glowing with golden light. “Mr. Sun, back to bed!” Teddy ordered. He stared hard at the aura, trying to will it to stop. “Back down!” he demanded.

Mr. Sun ignored Teddy and emerged in full glory. Teddy was both baffled and embarrassed.

“Ha, ha!” Chip laughed. “Mr. Sun is stronger than Teddy!” he proclaimed. Excited, he popped out of his den, chanting repeatedly, “Mr. Sun won! Mr. Sun won!”

Charged with fury, Teddy swiped Chip’s back as he ran past. The bear’s dagger claws cut three stripes through Chip’s fur. To this day, all chipmunks wear these marks as a reminder of what happens when one animal mocks another.

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Scary Campfire Stories

Watchful Father

Darcy Kelly was the single mother of Liam, age 13. As a real estate agent, she wanted to upgrade her iPhone to the newest version. One day after making the switch, she returned home from work, exhausted. Leaving her phone on the kitchen counter, she flopped on the living room couch to watch TV.

Liam had finished his homework and was bored. Spotting the new phone, he asked his mom if he could borrow it to play some games. Darcy gave her permission, with this warning, “You can play on the phone, but don’t make any calls or change my settings.” Liam promised he wouldn’t and sprinted to his bedroom.

At 10 pm, Darcy announced, “Bedtime, Liam.” She went to his room, but he wasn’t there. Walking briskly to her bedroom, she was relieved to find him curled up on her bed. He’d fallen asleep, holding her phone.

Darcy picked it up and was surprised to see a new screen saver. Checking the device for additional changes, she opened her saved pictures. She noted Liam had taken some photos around the house, and she began deleting them. The last one made her gasp.

The photo showed Liam sleeping on her bed, but the shot was taken from a high distance, toward the ceiling. It also reflected the face of the photographer – her deceased husband.

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Adult Campfire Stories

The Ghost Pianist

Felice awoke from a deep sleep, interrupted by the sound of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Two hours ago, she’d checked into a hotel, weary from hours of driving. Although exhausted, as a concert pianist, the music intrigued her. “Who’d be playing the piano at 3 a.m.?” she wondered.

The somber melody floated up to her from downstairs. Lured from her cozy blankets, she followed the melancholy music to the lobby. Her eyes grew wide at what she saw.

Sitting at a piano was a suave-looking man, wearing a vintage tuxedo. Head upright, without any notes, he appeared to be playing from memory. With his tuxedo tail and slicked hair, the man looked like he hailed from the 1920s.

With his back to her, Felice silently watched the man. Slowly, he turned around to face her directly, as though knowing she was there.

“Hello, Felice,” the man smiled. “I’ve been waiting to meet you.” Drawn by the light in the man’s brown eyes, Felice floated toward the piano.

“I want to play a duet with you. Come and join me, Felice,” he invited.

Unable to resist, Felice sat beside him on the piano bench. Suddenly, a strong chill nipped the air, and she shivered.

The expression in the man’s eyes abruptly changed, acquiring a dark intensity. “Place your hands on the keyboard, Felice,” he directed. Obeying his command, she positioned her fingers on the keys and awaited further instructions.

“Now begin, Felice. You know the notes,” the man urged.

Felice wanted to flee, but her hands wouldn’t cooperate. Flowing through her fingers came the sonata she’d heard from upstairs. The man took up his part in the duet, and their fingers danced over the keys together. It was Felice’s last performance. She never checked out of the hotel.

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The Art of Storytelling

Now that you have the ideal fireside tales, here are three tips to keep your audience riveted:

  • Begin by speaking slowly. Look deeply into the eyes of your listeners.
  • As your tale progresses, talk faster. Infuse your words with emotion.
  • Just before your concluding sentence, pause dramatically.

What was that creepy sound? Did you hear it?

Oops! Got you!


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