Chase Peaks-Thousand Peaks Co

This summer, we’ve teamed up with Kait & Travis VanHoff, founders of Thousand Peaks Co. to gear them up as they hike the highest peak in every state that the Rocky Mountains are located. A total of 6 peaks and 121 miles of trail!

Their goal is to encourage you to get outdoors and chase the peaks that surround you.  We invite you to follow along, and share your own peaks using #ChaseThePeaks!



thousand peaks co


about thousand peaks

We love the outdoors and try to focus on educating which hikes and gear we think are the best.

We believe that the Outdoor Community is for everyone and that the people who haven’t experienced the outdoors just don’t know where to start, and that is where we come in.

We want to help people know how easy it is to be an outdoor enthusiast.

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June 7-9

Kings Peak, Utah – 27.1 miles – 5,059 feet elevation change

June 19-23

Mt Elbert, Colorado – 9.1miles – 4,442 feet elevation change
Wheeler Peak, New Mexico -7.9 miles – 2,979 feet elevation change

July 9 – 20

Gannett Peak, Wyoming – 50miles – 11,000ft elevation change
Granite Peak, Montana -19.4 miles – 7,240 ft elevation change
Mount Borah, Idaho – 7.5 miles – 5,249 ft elevation change