As we kick off Great Outdoors Month 2011, we put out a poll asking you, our friends, how you will be celebrating.

Our poll included 6 Possible answers, including “Taking a Kid Outside”, “Visiting a State or National Park”, “Volunteering With a Local Park or Conservancy”, “Exploring a Trail or Waterway”, “Pitching a Tent in my Back Yard”, & “Car Camping”.  Though we’re sure there are several other things you may be doing to get outside this month, we were excited to see just how many of you are planning to celebrate.

The results of our poll showed that Exploring a Trail or Waterway is far & above the most popular plan, followed by Visiting a State or National Park.  Bringing in the third place spot was Taking a Kid Outdoors.

Great Outdoors Month 2011 Survey Results

Kudos to ALL of you who are getting outside this month to celebrate the great outdoors…hopefully you enjoy it enough to take your celebration well beyond the month of June.

Congrats to three lucky winners who were drawn at random from all who participated in our drawing: Patti Shipp, elly Righter, and & John Karakis.  Each will be receiving a pair of our All Season Trekking poles to accompany them on their outdoor adventures.

If you didn’t participate in our survey, we’d still love to know what YOU’ll be up to this month.  We encourage you to let us know int he comments section below.