Young Yukon Charlie's Fan: Austin

We just received this adorable photo from our friend Brian D. in Idaho, and simply posting it to Facebook was not going to do it justice.  Brian was kind enough to give us a little info on his son Austin, who is three years old, and already a snowshoeing (& outside) lover!

“Austin started going snowshoeing at 4 months old. He asks every morning if we can go to the mountains today. At three he lives for snow and we have greatly appreciated the quality of Yukon Charlie’s gear.

These snowshoes are on their second kid and still going strong. Our 10 year old wore them first and as he has out grown them Austin has taken over ownership. Snowshoeing is a family affair, we go nearly every weekend. He has trekked all day with no complaints.

In this shot we were up near Warm Lake outside Cascade, Idaho. He was so excited to cross the bridge on snowshoes.”

Thanks so much, Brian, for sharing this with us!  What great inspiration for anyone still squeezing the last drops out of the snowy season!!!

Do you have a young enthusiast of your own?  We’d love to see them too! Feel free to send photos/info to: