We have been working hard over the past year to develop the next generation of Yukon Charlie’s snowshoes and accessories, and are so excited to introduce our new ICON Alpha Snowshoe Series. The ICON series is packed with new features and design elements at prices that fit every budget.

The ICON series is offered in two performance configurations (Alpha and Beta) and is offered in both men and women’s designs so it is a great option for the recreational snowshoer all the way up to a performance demanding enthusiast. Today, we are highlighting our new high performance collection, the ICON Alpha Series.

The Icon Alpha Series is designed to surpass the expectations of even the most adventurous back country enthusiast. From the newly designed Fast Fit Plus binding to the Radical frame shape and heel lift. This series will out-perform without the sticker shock. […READ MORE ABOUT THE ICON ALPHA MEN’S SERIES…]

Within the Icon Alpha Snowshoe Series, we’ve also included Women’s Specific designs, with technical features like an integrated heel lift system to alleviate calf strain on uphill climbs as well as an aggressive profile front and rear crampons to instill confidence in any terrain condition. The combination of the 7000 series ICON frames and our new YC Tech decking make the Alpha series light weight and a pleasure on long back country trips. […READ MORE ABOUT THE ICON ALPHA WOMEN’S SERIES…]