Four Legged Faithful

This past Winter, we happened upon some dudes who had been so inspired by the idea of Yukon Charlie that they decided to write a song about him!

The Four Legged Faithful are a band made up of 4 ordinary men who all thrive on playing music together. Their aim is not to play traditional folk or bluegrass music, but instead to create beautiful, heart-felt, and genuine music using traditional folk/bluegrass instruments.

Listen to “Yukon Charlie”

by the Four Legged Faithful:

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They create a sound that is honest and reflects the band’s many musical influences from nearly all genres. All members sing; creating multiple combinations of 2, 3, and 4-part harmonies. All members write and sing songs about their thoughts, families, and the natural world that surrounds them. For a band without a drummer, The Four Legged Faithful achieve an incredible level of intensity using foot percussion and layered rhythms throughout every measure.

They have been gracious enough to allow us to share their song, Yukon Charlie, with you here on our site.

If you’d like to download a free copy, just visit, and look for the download link on their home page.