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Replacement powder baskets fits all Yukon Charlie’s poles.

ITEM#: 83-0116
Powder Baskets (4.75″)

In stock

In stock

Product Description

These Yukon Charlie’s snowshoe pole baskets are meant to provide extra resistance (against the snow) when planting your poles in snowy conditions. Powder baskets are easily interchangeable so you can use your poles in a wide variety of other weather and terrain conditions.

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4 reviews for Powder Baskets | Trekking Pole Accessories

  1. Tim

    Will these work with the Pro II Trekking poles?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Indeed. They should work with all Yukon Charlie’s trekking & snowshoeing poles 🙂

  2. Roy Swallom

    The $7.99 price, is that for one or two baskets?

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team

      It’s for the pair (2 baskets).

  3. Roy Swallom

    What is the diameter of the hole in the middle and the outside edge?

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team

      Inside hole is 10/16”

      Diameter of small inside plastic circle is 1&14/16”

      Diameter of large plastic circle is 4.75”

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