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Yukon’s Mountain Profile snowshoes are engineered for adventurers who demand comfort while hiking over an extended snowy, inclined terrain. From its Tech Weave lightweight deck, and Fast-Fit one-pull binding to the Free-Flex Axle System, these snowshoes are great to boost your outdoor experience.

Product Description
  • Ultra strong 6000 Aluminum Rocker Frame
  • Swift Strap™ Heel Strap[/li]
  • Fast Fit II™ “Easy Pull” Binding
  • Molded Traction Decking Attachments
  • TECH WEAVE™ deck
  • Free Flex™ Axle System
  • Yukon Charlie’s Pro snowshoes feature an integrated heel lift

One Pull Binding
Heel Lift on Snowshoe

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Additional Information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
User + Gear Weight Range

See Size Chart

Weight Per Pair

9×30: 4.9 lbs 8×25: 4.2lbs

Frame Material

6000 Aluminum

Deck Material


Crampon System

Forged Steel

Binding System

Fast Fit II "Easy Pull"

Axle System

FREE FLEX™ Axle System

Integrated Heel Lift?


27 reviews for Pro | Adult All-Mountain Snowshoes

  1. Steve

    How does the strap on the pro series compare to the advance series for grip. The pro has a thin strap and no rubber knobs for grip. Any issues with the thinner strap breaking and or less grip on boots?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      I think you may be referring to the binding? Both our Pro II & Advanced Series styles have the Fast Fit One Pull binding, which has nice large straps around the back of the foot, with an easy-pull tightening and release mechanism.

  2. Wayne Dean

    I weight 180 with my gear on. Can I use the Pro II 930 snowshoes?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Wayne! You should certainly be able to use the 930 size. They’re a bit larger than the smaller size (8×25) you would also fit. Regardless of size, you’ll always sink a bit in deep snow, but the larger size will give you even better “floatation” if you’ll be doing a lot of backcountry snowshoeing.

  3. Gina Powelson

    Can I get away with the 8X25 if I weigh 120 pounds?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Absolutely! They’re just a few inches longer which will give you even better floatation in deep snow.

  4. Jerry

    What’s the difference between the ProII and the YC ProII

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Jerry! These two names refer to the same style of snowshoes. “YC” just stands for Yukon Charlie’s (our name). Hope this helps!

  5. Robert Marchessault

    Do you offer the 10×35 size. Even without gear id probably be to heavy for the 9×30.

  6. Joseph

    Will the binding fit my snowboard boots?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Joseph! Unfortunately this is tough for us to answer because there are too many types of snowboarding boots available in such a wide array of sizes. Snowboarding boots are not our recommendation to wear while snowshoeing because they generally are not comfortable for walking in for any length of time. If you’re using snowshoes to access the backcountry for the purposes of snowboarding, we’d recommend you wear hiking boots that can be swapped out for your snowboarding boots when ready.

  7. Mike

    Can you tell me the difference between the Pro II sold by Costco and the Trail Star Advanced?
    Thank you

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Mike! They are essentially the same shoe with just one key difference. The Trail Star Advanced shoes do not have a heel lift, which helps alleviate calf strain when walking up steep inclines. Also, the Trail Star Advanced comes only as a kit (with poles), while our standard Pro II series is not offered as a kit at this time.

  8. Trish

    This may be a silly question, but how do you size snow shoes, Men’s and Women’s? Thanks!!!

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Trish…not a silly question at all! The bindings are made to fit all shoe sizes, so when we talk about “snowshoe size” we’re referring to how large the snowshoe frame & deck are. The heavier the load, the bigger the shoe needs to be. Sizing, then, is based on weight (user + any gear they’re carrying). You’ll see a sizing chart on our FAQ page ( or just look for the “Size Chart” tab on our product pages. Hope this helps!

  9. Nancy

    Do the pro II series come with a bag for storage

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team (verified owner)

      Unfortunately, at this time, the storage bag is only sold with our snowshoe kits.

  10. Hubert

    Which snowshoe is the left or the right? Should the red binding clips (the ones with the black rope used to release the binding) be on the outside?

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team (verified owner)

      Hi Hubert…yes, the bindings should face away from your body / outside the foot.

  11. Hubert

    Which snowshoe is the left or the right? Should the binding clips (the ones with the black rope used for release of the binding) be one the outside or on the center?

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team (verified owner)

      The binding clips should be on the outside of the foot.

  12. Bob Isitt

    Costco sells the ProII and Mountain Profile (much less costly) What is/are the main differences to account for the $40 difference?

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team (verified owner)

      Hi Bob…thanks for asking! There are several differences between the Mountain Profile model we make for Costco, and the Pro II series you see here. The features in the Pro II series are higher end, making the shoes more expensive. Here’s a full list of key features for each, so you can compare:

      Pro II:
      -Fast Fit II binding
      -Integrated heel lift and rear heel plate system
      -TECH WEAVE™ deck
      -Forged steel crampon
      -Free Flex axle system

      -Swift Strap Heel Strap system
      -Ultra strong 6000 aluminum rocker frame
      -“Molded traction” added decking attachments

      Mountain Profile:
      -Fast Fit II binding
      -HDPE deck
      -Aluminum crampon
      -Snow Motion Pivot axle system

      -Rapid Lite Heel Strap
      -Ultra strong 6000 aluminum rocker frame
      -“Molded traction” added decking attachments

  13. Louise Banks

    What is the clip at the back of the shoe for? It has a plastic pull.

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Louise…I believe you’re referring to the heel lift (just under the heel?) This is to be used when walking up steeper inclines, and can significantly reduce calf strain.

  14. Jason

    Where are Yukon Charlie snowshoes made?

    • Team Yukon Charlie’s

      Hi Jason…Thank you for your inquiry! Our snowshoes are made in China.

  15. Dave deGroot

    Very happy with my purchase. I tried on many snowshoes before purchasing these YC pros. I feel these are the best bang for your buck and in my opinion perform better and are more versatile than many other more expensive brands I’ve tried/used. They are highly adjustable, lightweight, durable, and seem like they will last for many years. I especially like the quick one hand pulls on the bindings. Have had lots of fun in the fields and around the neighborhood after heavy snowfalls this winter. Traction performs very well on harder packed/icy trails and is strong enough not to flatten out or bend when I walk on hard surfaces such as ice, rocks, or roads like other more expensive brands I’ve tried. Also thanks to the heel lift option these come in handy for hiking up hill at the ski resort. The backpack carrying bag comes in handy seems durable as well. I was so happy with these YC snowshoes that I bought sets for the entire family at Christmas and we’ve been enjoying them ever since – from trekking around yard after snowfalls, up hill hiking at the ski resort, to snowshoe trail walks at Glacier park.

  16. Anne Marleau

    My husband and I bought these snowshoes this winter 2014-2015 and we love them. Easy to adjust, comfortable and a perfect fit. We recommended these snowshoes to all our friends and family.

  17. M&B

    Husband and I just bought a pair of snowshoes and poles – we were off and “running” in no time at all. The Pro Series was so easy to put on and off – also loved th tutorial videos Yukon Charlie had. I am absolutely hooked on snowshoeing!

  18. Deb

    We did not get much snow this winter, but look forward to next winter.

  19. Robert Fletcher

    I was looking for some Winter activities to get me off the couch. Even for a beginner these snowshoes are easy to use especially with the new bindings. The workout you get will wear you out in no time at all so its best to start with short treks then work your way slowly up to longer treks.

  20. Carolyn

    My husband is very happy with these durable snowshoes…was glad to find reasonable price that had a higher weight limit.

  21. mdcarpet

    Love the quick release , and enjoyed all tyoes of terrain, with these shoes , love to thank customer service for all you have dine for me , thank you so much for helping me out, thank you

  22. Mark

    My snowshoes were supposed to be rated for a weight greater than mine…but I find that they allow me to sink in too much….nowhere’s near as much surface area as other snowshoes I have that keep me afloat in the same conditions. However…I do like the heel lifter on the back for going uphill. Wish they had more surface area to keep me on top of the snow. bindings are great and quick…and great customer service.

  23. Lisa

    Very easy to put on and take off. Sturdy and well made. First pair of snow shoes I have owned and very happy with my selection. Enjoying them in the Michigan snow.

  24. Tom Gilbert

    Purchased a pair of the Pro II Series snowshoes and was very pleased with how easy it was to secure & release the bindings. I have an older pair of Charlie’s that I have had for years, but will really enjoy using the new ones as they’re much lighter and easy to step into.

  25. Bob Childs

    Yukon Charlie’s customer service is the best! My question was answered within a few hours and the promise they made happened the next day.

  26. Ted likes winter

    I am 205 pound at 6′ pack less but on this trip I did have a hydration pack with some supplies( maybe 10 #) The first and only outing for me was a 5 mile out and back along a mountain side road. Along the way the binding/crampon and my boot worked along the pivot axle of the shoe causing my boot to make contact with the decking material. It was easy enough just to kick it back to center while walking.
    The binding system is easy to adjust and to enter/exit with gloves on. The Crampons worked well in a cold powdery snow, they didn’t clog. As for float I can’t give a true evaluation the snow wasn’t all that deep except for a few drifts, where they kept me aloft. The shoes seem sturdy and maneuverable as I was able to climb up and over several snow covered logs and walk about the saplings.
    The poles included with the kit have lever locks for the adjustments which IMO are nicer than twist locks. The poles may not withstand the rigors of my bush whacking hikes but performed well enough for walking along the road.
    The included storage bag has a section sewn in that is made of mesh allowing for drying, there are shoulder straps as well as a grab handle all nice features. The zippers could be of better quality, I broke one on the second closing.

    Overall a good value in todays snowshoe market place.

  27. chris thatcher

    I love the new binding, fast and easy. they feel great on your feet.

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