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Experience trouble-free snowshoeing with our classic Sherpa. Easy-to-use design with the Quik Clik binding and Rapid-Lite Flex heel strap to get in and out in seconds. You’ll enjoy secure footing on snow or challenging terrain with the coated, forged steel crampons.

Product Description
  • Quick Click II™ Ratchet Binding with Rapid Lite Flex™ Heel Strap
  • Lightweight & Slip Proof Aluminum Heel Plate
  • Ultra strong 6000 aluminum frame
  • All Terrain Forged Steel Crampons
  • HDPE deck material

Heel Lift on Snowshoe

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Additional Information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
User + Gear Weight Range

See size chart

Weight Per Pair

10×36: 5.0 lbs 9×30: 4.8 lbs 8×25: 4.2 lbs 8×21: 3.4 lbs

Frame Material

6000 Aluminum

Deck Material

HDPE: (High-Density PolyEthylene). This material stiffens the snowshoe, for maximum power when breaking through deep snow.

Crampon System

Forged Steel All Terrain Crampons

Binding System

Quick Click II™ Ratchet Binding with Rapid Lite Flex™ Heel Strap

Axle System

SNOW MOTION™ axle system

8 reviews for Sherpa | Adult Trail Snowshoes

  1. Phillip Barry

    I have used Yukon’s North of 47° for work not play. I trap, hunt and tap maple trees where 300″of snow is normal. These are great shoes for the price. Don’t be fooled by fancy names.

  2. Pavel

    Bought these at Costco, and noticed, that both my and my wife’s snowshoes tend to leave our heels pointing to the inside quite a bit. Other pair of people with us had the same issue with the snowshoes. Is there a specific way of tightening these, so that this doesn’t happen? Upon initial fitting, this doesn’t happen. Only happens after 200+ steps

    • Yukon Charlie’s Web Team

      Hi there…so sorry for any frustration. If you could give us a call at 1-866-SNO-SHOE (766-7463) or email us at, and we’ll be happy to help figure out what’s going wrong.

  3. Thomas in Ironwood, Michigan (verified owner)

    I purchased the 1036 Sherpa kit and they are great and now my wife wants a set! Being a little heavier and taller it was a small struggle put my snowshoes on. I solved the problem with a small fold up wooden chair (used for ice fishing). I sit in the chair and I can now effortlessly put my snow shoes on. This trick should work for my wife as well, since she had her knees replaced.

  4. Margaret

    They are effortless to put on and off ,light weight and very well built for a great price.
    The first pair I purchased was 5 yrs. ago, I gave them to my hubby they were not as easy to put on as the new ones I have now but, he’s still wearing the older and loves them too !

  5. Lou

    Easy to get on and off. Worked great in deep snow. Made my Yellowstone trip.

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    We had never been snowshoeing before but really wanted to get into it after moving to Vermont. After a little research we settled on the Yukon Charlie Sherpa series shoes and couldn’t be happier. They seem to be a sturdy shoe and so far they have performed great. The binding set up makes putting on and removing simple and quick. Looking forward to plenty of time out in the snow with these. No regrets on this purchase.

  7. Chad Rausch

    The other five members of our family all have their own Yukon Charlie’s snowshoes and they have stood up great during the past two winters. I checked all of my local stores and could not find a shoe that was rated for over 250lbs – and no, I do not count those shoes that require you to just stick a paddle on the back of a lesser-rated shoe. I wanted a shoe that was designed and balanced for someone my size, not an afterthought.
    I ordered a 36″ shoe directly from Yukon Charlies and I am glad I did! They are the same excellent quality I have come to expect from this brand and they are comfortable to walk in, provide good traction, and really help me stay on top of deep snow.
    Getting such a well-built, lightweight shoe at this price is the real surprise. It amazes me that the best of something, in this case, also happens to be the most affordable.

  8. Stephen Ingraham

    For the price, this snowshoe has it all. Great action on the snow. Easy to use bindings. Light. It would get a perfect score if I had more confidence in the plastic bindings. They may last forever. I hope they do. I will updaate after a winter’s use. 🙂

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