Race Ultralight Running Snowshoes Review by Trish Borboa

By Yukon Charlie’s Trailblazer, Trish Borboa

I have been running in the Yukon Charlie’s Race Ultra Lite Running Snowshoes for a couple months now and I have to say I really enjoy them! When you start out snowshoe running, you want to make sure and use an actual snowshoe made for running and this one is excellent. Here are some of the main specs and my thoughts on the Ultra Light Snowshoes.

Race Ultralight Diagram

Feather weight 7075-T6 rocker frame with V-tail and TECH WEAVE™ decking make an ultra-lite base platform

You don’t want a heavy frame on a running snowshoe. It will make it very difficult to run. If you backcountry snowshoe you will notice the weight difference right away. Coming in at 2.5lbs per pair they are extremely light, and the V-tail helps with maneuverability.

RAPID-LITE FLEX™ binding system with SWIFT STRAP™ heel strap provide a secure fit with an airy natural gait during long technical trail running

A super easy on/off system. Not overly complex making it quick and it stays tight. It is very easy to adjust if you start running and something doesn’t feel quite right. There are no buckles now on the top lacing system which is nice! It is a pull and release or pull and tighten.

SPRINT™ forged front crampon with v-heel rear traction allow for maximum grip in the iciest terrains and steepest inclines

My favorite thing about this snowshoe is that the snow and ice don’t ball up under the front crampon like I have had happen so often in the past. When this occurs, I would have to stop, go over to a tree, and bang out the snowshoe. So annoying! Every time I ran, I was waiting for this to happen because I just thought that was part of the deal. I was wrong. How refreshing to stop only when your exhausted! LOL! And it does have maximum grip on the ice. We have had a lot of melt and  freeze this year and these snowshoes just don’t care. They tackled it like a boss!!!

FREE FLEX™ axle system

This allows my ankle to work as it should while running. I really feel like I have natural ankle motion, they don’t feel awkward, they feel like an extension of my foot. I couldn’t believe the feel actually. Now remember, you are always off  camber so you really need to make sure you strengthen your feet and ankles and take it slow when you are first starting out.

Ultra strong 7075-T6 aluminum frame

It feels like it will hold up to abuse. I have put them through the ringer already on                         ice and snow. Very little wear is showing.

Takes up to 225lbs

This is great for such a light snowshoe!!! You will still sink, but you are always going to a little if your running. I find that they do very well on both light powder and ice, as well as deep and shallow snow.

Size: One Size 8×22

I am 5’7 and I think the size is great. They don’t feel too big or small. I would  definitely run a snowshoe race in these. They are under the list of approved to wear at a snowshoe race just fyi! 🙂

Overall I have to say I cannot say enough good about these snowshoes! Lightweight, strong, great crampon system, easy on/off, allow me to have my natural ankle motion. I mean whats not to love! I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to get into snowshoe running.

If you want tips on how to begin check out my article on Yukon Charlie’s Blog entitled Snowshoe Running 101: The Basic Do’s and Dont’s.