Meet The New Yukon Charlie’s



Denver, CO (December 15, 2021) – A leader in winter recreation and snowshoe gear, Yukon Charlie’s announced a bold and distinct new identity for the brand and it’s receiving a lot of attention. Coupled with the launch, Outside Magazine and Backpacker Magazine have recognized Yukon Charlie’s for their continued snowshoe product innovation and creative design.

“Yukon Charlie’s has done a complete migration,” said Jon Bausman, Director of Marketing. “This is the first significant change since the brand’s inception in 1996, and our core values are at the foundation of our new direction. We believe snowshoeing is a winter activity that is made for all to experience winter.  From the backyard to the backcountry, we have designed our products and created content to allow more people of diverse backgrounds and interests to see themselves enjoying the sport of snowshoeing.”

The brand also introduced a mascot, a caribou named Charlie. “We chose the caribou with a distinct meaning and purpose behind it,” said Bausman. Complementary to their core values, caribou migrate across the Yukon territory while sticking close to their herd and exploring far distances. They can also stay atop the snow easily due to their hooves performing much like snowshoes. “This was a two-year journey,” said Bausman. “Not only are we proud of where we’ve arrived, but we are excited for where we are going.”

The rebrand launch coincides with several industry publications that have recognized Yukon Charlie’s two new snowshoes as the best of the winter 2022 season.

Outside Magazine announced the Ridge Snowshoe Kit in the 2022 Winter Buyers Guide as one of the best snowshoes of 2022. Outside also recognized the Yukon Charlie’s Hammerhead Sled, the staple of the brand’s high-end sled line, as the best sled of the 2022 season. In addition, Backpacker Magazine named the Minimalist Snowshoe Kit the best beginner snowshoe on the market for 2022. Gear tester and editor Justin La Vinge said, “For beginner winter adventures, this all-in-one package which includes snowshoes, two telescoping poles, and storage bag, is an attractive starter kit, and the one-pull binding system is very user-friendly.” Yukon Charlie’s and REI partnered on the Minimalist Snowshoe Kit, and it can be found exclusively in store at REI and online at


 The new brand identity has a primary logo (left) and a secondary logo (right). 

The new photography focuses on being lighthearted, family-focused, iconic, and exploratory in nature.