This past weekend, we were lucky to have our Instagram account commandeered by two of our favorite adventurers, Aggy Ferrari and Thomas Finsterbusch of, for an early spring adventure through Yellowstone’s backcountry!

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Snowshoeing into Yellowstone

People forget years and remember moments, let’s freeze time with a self-timer shot!

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Buffalo in Yellowstone

Hiking and seeing wildlife in their natural habitat excites my spirit.

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Snowshoeing in Yellowstone

You are the only constant in your life, experience new scenarios.

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Tower Falls Yellowstone

Well, the snowshoe trek up the Tower Falls trail paid off! – In summer time, there’s a road that you can drive up to the overlook. But during winter time, that road is closed (for good!), so the trail its only open for snowshoes, skiers, and hikers. It’s about a 4 miles round trip.

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Yellowstone View

Take time to hike higher, stop and enjoy the view. In Yellowstone, each view is even better than the last.

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