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Yukon Charlie's Women's Advanced Series Snowshoes for Backcountry
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Yukon Charlie's Women's Sherpa Series Snowshoes for Trail Walking
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Because I live in an area that has 6 months of winter every year, I have put literally hundreds of miles on my Yukon Charlie’s snowshoes. I have been very pleased with their performance and durability...you have completely won me over as a customer for life.

Rob Lantz  Rob Lantz

I have just started my snowshoe workout regimen with an aggressive program. I noticed a defect in the snowshoes I am using. I made a report to Yukon Charlie's about the defect. As fast as a slip and fall they responded and sent a new pair of snowshoes to me. Outstanding. Five Stars.

RIchard Clarke  RIchard Clarke

Spent part of this morning out on my Yukon Charlie snow shoes after we got 15+ inches of snow. They are great shoes!

Laurie Heupel  Laurie Heupel

LOVE when a company stands behind its product!! Definitely a "like" in my book and will recommend to all my snow lovin' friends.

Tammy Barber Tammy Barber

Thanks from a happy Canadian Forces Member...they are great...light, easy to use!

Josclin Butt Kelly Josclin Butt Kelly

Yukon Charlies 2013/14 Catalog

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Hammerhead Sled

Rip turns with blazing speed and amazing control, bust freestyle moves that'll make jaws drop, dust the competition, or tire out your dog.

We are a US distributor of Hammerhead Sleds!

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