15 Reasons to Try Snowshoeing

Do you bury your head at the first sight of snow? Do you wonder “Is snowshoeing fun or hard?” or “What is snowshoeing?” If you haven’t tried snowshoeing yet or don’t know the definition or meaning of it, this sport may be your ticket to loving winter. Here are 15 reasons why snowshoeing is fun and how it can help you start enjoying yourself when the snow flies:

1) It’s Great Exercise

Some cardio addicts loathe the snow because it forces them inside and onto stationary bikes and treadmills, away from the beautiful running trails and bike paths that they enjoy the rest of the year. However, more and more people are realizing the health benefits of snowshoeing as they decide to start snowshoeing for fitness during the winter.

Snowshoeing can be a great way to stay in shape during the cold winter months, and snowshoers can burn as many calories or more as they can when walking or running at the same speed. For those wondering ‘how hard is snowshoeing?’, it can range from a light walk to an intense workout depending on the terrain and pace.

2) You Can Expand Your Territory

Snowshoeing is the perfect winter activity for any hiking enthusiast who finds themselves snowed in.

With hiking trails buried beneath feet of snow, snowshoeing allows you to explore and create your own trails, or re-experience your favorite trails and see them in a totally new light. When you’re snowshoeing for adventure, the only limit to where you can go is your imagination.

3) Gear Is Getting Easier to Find

More and more people are realizing the benefits of snowshoeing each year, with a steady increase in annual participation every winter, particularly amongst women and people between the ages of 25-44. Its popularity means you can find gear and snowshoeing partners anywhere there’s snow, and the community is sure to help you out with safety tips, gear recommendations, and secret snowshoeing spots.

4) It’s Easy to Get Started

Snowshoeing doesn’t require much training or unique know-how. Many folks will tell you: if you know how to walk, you’re already pre-qualified.

Although that may be an oversimplification, it’s mostly true. Though snowshoeing is easy, you’ll want to take a little extra care with each step, especially if you need to back up or make sharp turns. However, if you pay attention to the position of your shoes and practice lifting your knees high when turning, you’ll be traversing the wilderness like a pro in no time.

5) It’s Inexpensive

Whether you choose to rent or buy, the latest and greatest in snowshoe technology is affordable for any winter recreation budget. Rentals and trail passes can be had for as little as $10 in many areas, allowing you to try before you buy if you’re unsure of where to start.

6) It’s Safer Than Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exhilarating winter activities, but they come with their fair share of downsides. One of those downsides is the potential for injury.

With proper safety precautions, your risk of injury on a typical snowshoe outing is low.

7) It’s Usually Hard to Get Lost

Ever found yourself hiking in the mountains when you realize all the trail splits are starting to look the same? It’s never fun to be lost on a hike, but when you have tracks in the snow to follow in reverse, it’s easy to find your way back.

The one big exception to this, of course, is if you set out while it’s snowing. In that case, be sure to bring a map & compass, which should already be in your gear bag no matter what the weather!

8) It’s Fun!

There’s nothing quite like floating across the snowy surface of freshly-fallen powder, snowshoeing for fun and nothing else.

9) It’s a Versatile Activity

Whether you’re snowshoeing for fun, snowshoeing for fitness, or snowshoeing for adventure, it’s clear that snowshoeing is one of the most versatile sports out there. Bring a friend, bring a date, bring your kids, or bring a workout buddy, and share with others the many benefits of snowshoeing.

10) Day Trips are Easy to Plan & Get Rolling

When your friends drag you to the ski mountains, it seems like half the day is spent preparing for adventure rather than enjoying it.

Why go snowshoeing? Because all you need to do is strap into your snowshoes and walk outside—no time wasted paying for a ski pass, renting boots, renting skis, and standing in line for the chair lift.

11) You Can Bring the Kids

The latest snowshoe gear is available in sizes for children and teenagers, and snowshoeing is a fantastic activity to get your whole family moving in the winter.

12) It’s Easy on the Environment

While hiking inevitably leads to trail erosion, snow buffers the impact that snowshoeing has on your favorite nature trails.

13) You Can Pretend to be Yukon Cornelius

Everyone’s favorite backcountry prospector proudly wears his snowshoes in “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

14) You Can Get Competitive, if You Want

Wearing special snowshoes designed for running, competitive snowshoers are competing in races around the world.

15) Or You Can Keep it Casual

But most people stick to the basics and have just as much fun.