6 Ideas to make hiking fun for beginners

Have you ever tried to get family and friends out for a hike and found them to be…less than enthused? As lovers of the outdoors, many of us are eager to introduce others to the joy that it brings us, but to do it right, we need to take a step back and remember what brought us to it in the first place. For most, an introduction to hiking doesn’t include a 10 mile trek into the backcountry. More likely, you were introduced to it by someone else who loved getting outside, and found creative ways and hiking activities to make it fun for you!

To pass along your passion for getting outdoors, you just need a positive attitude, a few basic pieces of equipment (many of which you likely already own), and a variety of ideas for fun hiking games and activities for adults to keep things fun. Here are six ideas on how to make hiking fun for beginners.

1. Fishing at the rivers and lakes

Your family and friends may sulk at the monotony of walking for hours on end. Fishing is a great activity to bring the life back to the hike. Luckily, most hiking destinations are graced with lakes and rivers suitable for this activity. Folks can team up to compete for the best catch. Bonus: dinner is in the bag…or net, if you will. You’ll need to carry portable fishing rods, but can never go wrong when including fishing as part of your outing.

2. Geocaching

Geocaching is a popular activity of searching for hidden objects by the help of GPS coordinates, and a really great way to keep everyone engaged in the hike. In this activity, your counterparts can simply grab their smartphone, get latitude and longitude coordinates and they are good to go. Geocaching is analogous to a modern-day scavenger hunt. Everyone enjoys discovering hidden treasures!

3. Foraging for Berries

Another fun thing to do on a hike and another way to make getting to your hiking destination more interesting: introduce your companions to foraging for wild berries. Before you do this, make sure you do your research, and know which of the fruits are edible!

Finding and picking berries is not only a great to blow off some steam, it means instant gratification for those who like to eat them straight off the vine. Consider hiking during autumn to get the best harvest. There is a dense lush of berries waiting for you to pick out there!

4. Photography

Don’t want to return from your hike with nothing to show? Make sure you encourage photos! Everyone can have fun capturing nature, each other, and the amazing landscape as you go. Make lasting memories with great photos!

5. Swimming

Have you ever come across water that begs you to take a dip? This happens often during hiking trips. Why not answer the call, and take a dip in rivers or smaller lakes you encounter. This can be great to relax after covering some ground. Make sure to bring a swimsuit and an extra change of clothes. Your pals are almost guaranteed to ask to hit the trail with you again if you manage to find that perfect swimming hole. IMPORTANT: make sure you research potential swimming spots before you head out to be sure they’re safe for swimming, and that swimming is allowed!

6. Give everyone a responsibility

Let’s face it, everyone loves feeling like they are in charge. Give your family and friends responsibilities before, during and after the hike. Some responsibilities include leading the group, taking pictures, instructing others and giving direction among others. Giving responsibilities makes beginners feel like they are part and parcel of the whole journey. When the group is engaged, the trip becomes nothing but fun.

What other fun ideas have you used to make hiking fun for beginners in your life?

Share your ideas for fun things to do while hiking in the comments below!

Hiking with family and friends can be a truly bonding experience. The trick is keeping things fun for beginners in your group, by including hiking activities for adults beyond carrying themselves on their own two feet. Now that you are ready to go, we challenge you to plan a hike for this upcoming weekend. Go and have fun with your family and friends!