Why Snowshoeing is Great for Kids

Snowshoeing is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages but is especially good for children to participate in. Investing in quality snowshoes for kids can pave the way for numerous exciting winter adventures. Here are just a handful of the many reasons why snowshoeing is great for kids.

1) Helps Keep them Active

Keeping children active these days is harder than ever since many would rather play video games or watch television. It’s especially difficult to keep kids active whenever it’s cold outside. Many will use the winter weather as an excuse to stay indoors and “hibernate.” Snowshoeing is a fun activity that will have them wanting to head outdoors and exert physical energy.

Ensuring children get enough exercise will go a long way toward reducing childhood obesity, which is currently at an all-time high. Maintaining the proper weight will also eliminate the risk of diabetes and heart disease as your child grows older.

2) Introduces them to the Outdoors

Many children these days also do not spend enough time outdoors and therefore do not have a good appreciation of nature. Owning a pair of snowshoes for kids can make it easier to introduce them to the beauty of nature. Harvard University recommends spending time outdoors to increase the amount of Vitamin D your body produces. Other studies have linked spending time outdoors to improved vision and increased performance in school.

Perhaps there is no safe place for your children to play outdoors, or your busy schedule will not allow you to take time out for outdoor play. If so, scheduling a snowshoeing adventure will allow your kids to play outside, while also giving you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3) Helps Them (and you!) Enjoy Nature

Spending time outdoors is great, but learning to love nature is even better. Since snowshoeing often takes you along wooded trails or even through the backcountry, you’ll have the opportunity to see lots of animals and birds that you might not otherwise encounter. You can even have fun trying to identify certain animal tracks in the snow, which is something that will also be educational.

4) Allows you to Spend Quality Family Time

Snowshoeing is something that every member of the family can do. Anyone who is capable of walking can easily go snowshoeing. This means you can take younger children and may even include the grandparents if you would like. Going snowshoeing with your family will allow you to spend quality time together, creating memories your children will cherish for years to come.

5) Doesn’t Require Special Skills

Unlike other sports, snowshoeing does not require any special skills or physical attributes. As such, children who normally shy away from physical activity because they are not athletic will eagerly embrace the idea of snowshoeing. You also do not have to learn any new skills yourself in order to participate.

6) It Doesn’t Cost Much

When compared to other winter activities such as snowmobiling or skiing, snowshoeing is relatively inexpensive. This is especially good news if you have several children you must purchase equipment for. Yukon Charlie’s has a huge selection of high quality children’s snowshoeing equipment, including a variety of snowshoes for kids, available at an affordable price. When placing an order, you may even receive a discount code that is good for 20% off your next purchase. Your initial purchase will get you through multiple seasons of snowshoeing, provided your children do not outgrow their snowshoes.

7) Reduces Cabin Fever

It can be easy to become depressed whenever there is a great deal of snow on the ground. Children and adults alike may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can affect nearly every aspect of one’s life. When children are allowed to play in the snow, the odds of them suffering from seasonal depression are much lower. They may even develop a low of snow after spending some time having fun in it.

These are just a few reasons why going snowshoeing is the perfect winter activity for kids. Try it for yourself, and we think you will find there are actually plenty of other reasons too!