Fun Games to Play While Snowshoeing

By: Yukon Charlie’s Trailblazers, North Country Littles

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I have big news for y’all. When you go snowshoeing with little kids they sometimes want to be entertained with games and activities, more than just walking out in nature What the heck, right! Okay, actually that isn’t a surprise at all, just like when we go hiking we have to be prepared with an arsenal of fun games. Right now we are kind of in an interesting spot because our oldest is about to turn 6 but our youngest walker/hiker/snowshoer is only 2. They are not only on different levels skill and endurance wise but they are on different levels with snowshoeing activities/games. At first this fact made me a little nervous but then I realized the wonderful side of it; our younger kids get to push themselves to hang with the older girls and the older girls get to be little for that much longer. Lucky y’all I have teamed up with Yukon Charlie’s to spill the beans on our not so secret snowshoeing games and activities we play while we’re out. (can I get a whoop whoop).


Snowshoe Games