Kids Snowshoe Review by NCL

This is our second year as Yukon Charlie’s ambassadors and it has been so rewarding seeing how much the girls have grown in just a year. Last year our 18 month old would try to walk in the snowshoes but she had a really hard time keeping up with sisters, this year she was trucking right along side of them!

With three little kids to get in and out of snowshoes it is really important for the process to go as smoothly as possible. The tightening system is so smart, with just one pull of the straps we can have their shoes secured to their feet! I always knew this was a great system but it wasn’t until this week that I learned just now much it sets Yukon Charlie’s apart from other brands. We went snowshoeing with my daughter’s kindergarten class and my job was to help the kids get in and out of their shoes. The system on the school’s shoes had three different straps you had to tighten like a belt buckle. After doing 25 pairs it was extremely clear to me how much easier Yukon Charlie’s has made my life!