Health Benefits of Snowshoeing

Why Pick Snowshoeing?

There are many options for outdoor enthusiasts to get exercise during the wintertime. Skiing and skating are fun, but there are a lot of good reasons to consider strapping on a pair of aluminum snowshoes. Snowshoeing gives you the perfect combination of safe exercise and exposure to the great outdoors. You’ll find that this great winter sport will decrease stress and improve your mood for the whole winter. These are just a few of the many great health benefits of the winter sport of snowshoeing!

Great Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is necessary to stay happy and healthy. However, the outdoor enthusiast needs some possibilities that are easy on the body while yielding positive results during the winter. Snowshoeing can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour, and it’s not hard on the knees and joints. The cushion of snow beneath you makes it a true low-impact activity. The all-around effect of this exercise will keep you in good cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, and decrease your stress levels.

Health Benefits of Snowshoeing

Enjoy Family Time

Unlike other winter sports, snowshoeing can be done with a partner by your side. While you’re trekking up that hill, you can be spending some quality time with family or friends. There will be no distractions like television or the computer that will get in the way of you getting to know each other better. It is well known that families that spend time together and talk to one another are happier with their relationships.

Soak Up That Fresh Air

When you spend time in the country, there are numerous health benefits that you’ll get from your surroundings. The fresh air that you’ll be breathing is good for both body and mind. Everyone who takes off some time in the outdoors knows the feeling of breathing in that fresh air. The smell of pine trees is also refreshing for many people. Research has also shown that the green color of trees and other plants makes exercise feel easier.

Connect with Nature

Getting outdoors to go snowshoeing also reinforces your bond with nature. Many philosophers and poets have emphasized that exposure to natural beauty makes a person feel more grounded and connected to the universe. Even if we don’t get so philosophical about it, people instinctively know that they feel comforted and rejuvenated by spending time in the natural world. Since snowshoeing is slower than most winter sports, it gives you the opportunity to renew this link with nature.

A Convenient Way to Get Exercise

Many winter sports require that you travel to far-flung places to participate in them. You can go snowshoeing anywhere that there is a good layer of snow. This allows you to take advantage of your local park during the wintertime. The beauty of winter scenes at the park is something you can appreciate in the same kind of way as a remote forest.

The Joy of Solitude

While spending time with family or friends is conducive to happiness, a certain amount of alone time is helpful too. The slow pace of snowshoeing allows you to commune with your thoughts and develop ideas that you don’t ordinarily have time to think about. Some of the most creative and constructive ideas of humankind have been dreamed up during walks in nature. When you take time off from your busy schedule and all of the familiar trappings of life, you naturally tend to focus on what’s more central and important to you.

Summing Things Up

The benefit of snowshoeing is that it’s a good way to stay happy and healthy during those cold winter months. You can do it just about anywhere, and it’s a great form of exercise that’s safe for you, and all it requires is a pair of aluminum snowshoes. This slow, methodical exercise will allow you to appreciate the outer world and your inner one. The combination of exercise and greater exposure to nature will yield a joyful and stress-free winter season.

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