Types of Snowshoes for Kids

The struggle is real when it comes to children and shoes- they go through them like crazy! But SNOWshoes for toddlers and kids are a whole different beast. We build them durable and easy to use these days. Along with affordability, you want to consider safety, comfort, and performance. The winning shoe should incorporate all of these qualities, but, where should you start? Take a look at our tips below to find the best snowshoes for your kids!

Tips for the Snowshoeing Newbie

Snowshoes allow you and your family to travel more easily across snow-covered ground. They provide what is called “floatation” by distributing your weight evenly over a large surface area, so you and your kids can hike, climb, and even run!

You want your kids to be comfortable otherwise they will not wear said shoe and you will have quite the battle on your hands- no fun.

Rent or Buy: You can rent snowshoes for toddlers and kids however if you are planning on multiple outings it will save you more money in the long run to buy.

Binding matters. You want to get shoes that tighten enough to stay on, but don’t cut off circulation in your child’s feet. Some snowshoes offer easy-pull binding and it is a wise investment if you don’t want to spend all day on your knees tightening your child’s shoes.

Most snowshoes will accommodate any boot or even a sneaker but will work best with a winter boot that is lightweight and flexible.

Use poles to help with balance.

Snowshoes for Kids Shane D

The type of snowshoes kids need vary by age. Smaller shoes are meant more for play while larger shoes for children older in age can handle more difficult terrain.

Sizing is traditionally determined by height, weight, and sometimes type of terrain.

When choosing the right size for children, there should be tags recommending the appropriate range of sizes.

They should be easy to adjust, put on, and take off.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum snowshoes are great choice for kids to get out on the trail. Our Youth Series Aluminum shoes feature easy-pull bindings so you don’t have to keep bending over to tighten your wild child’s bindings. Even better, it’ll be easy for them to learn to do it themselves! At an affordable price, they’re a solid choice for a durable aluminum snowshoe.

Molded Frame

Kids Snowshoes with a molded frame offer a solid, durable, and flexible frame. These are typically lighter weight than aluminum frames, so your kids should find them super easy to use out on the trail.

Snowshoes for Kids Snowshoe Sled Shane D Photo

THE secret weapon for parents

Welcome to the treasure chest fellow parents! This golden nugget of information can save yer’ booty a lot of energy while hiking with children. Here it is: a snowshoeing sled. Yes, it’s a thing…aka, your standard snow sled or snow tube!

Kids are funny, give them a backpack, and they don’t want to carry it for long. Give them a super special snowshoeing sled, and they’ll tow it all day! If you happen to be the one towing, they can ride in it when they get cranky and tired. When they want to be wild and throw off all their gear, you have something very easy to pack it in and keep it all together. A genius hack for the parent braving the outdoors with children!

Snowshoeing is a great winter activity that can be enjoyed by parents and children of all ages. It can also teach children about snow safety and is great for preparing them for other winter sports they might want to partake in as they get older. Happy hiking!